Listen to Reverb alone

In Cubase Elements 10, when using Reverb on a FX track (SEND procedure, MIX of the Reverb plug-in adjusted to 100%), how is it possible to listen to the reverb part (WET signal) alone (without hearing the DRY signal of the source track) ? Thanks in advance.

Make the send pre-fader and turn down the fader.

does Cubase elements have the control room? If so, you set that up Listen in the control room, then in the mix console just press the L (listen button.) The result is hearing only the effect produced by the reverb.

If it doesn’t have control room, there is an alternative but not quite as direct way using the inspector.

These are the only 2 methods I know of.

Thanks to Hurmpie for the pre-fader method.
Thanks to greggybud. But Cubase Elements doesn’t have the control room. Regarding the second solution using the inspector, maybe you mean the pre-fader method, or something else ?

Something else. I had to go do it to remember.

Simply go to inspector, open direct routing, and turn off Stereo Out. Now all you hear is the reverb on your effect channel(s) Nothing going out the track routing. Or in the mix console, in routing, choose No Bus. As long as your send is active you should only hear the effect of the reverb(s)