Listen to whole score while single instrument layout is selected

Is there a way to listen to the whole score while only one instrument is selected to display? When I select a given instrument layout, everything else mutes. I need to be able to view and edit one view while I can hear everything.


Justin Fisher

Make sure only one note is selected. If more than one note is selected everything but that instrument is muted.
Edit: I see that my post isn’t relevant to your request.

Unfortunately yes - as far as I know if you are displaying a part layout, you can hear only that part. I, too, would like the possibility to hear all the instruments while showing a separate layout (for instance, displaying a piano reduction of a score, but listening to the full orchestral version).

…open part tabs in new windows… start playback in the score and switch to whatever part window you want to look at…?

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That works!! Thanks, I would not have thought of trying this!

Ah, ok. This works - thanks! It’s a million miles away from user friendly, but it is a viable solution.

You can also use the filter in the score, to visually filter what parts you want to see without changing playback.

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