"Listen" works like "Solo"

Since I upgraded to Cubase 8.5, the “Listen” function (which I find quite useful in mixing) doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to anymore. When I turn it on for any channel, what happens is that channel is solo’d and raised in volume. All other channels become muted, so it’s essentially the same as soloing a channel and boosting it’s volume temporarily. I was hoping the 8.5.10 update might fix this, but it doesn’t.

Does anyone else have this issue, and maybe even have a solution?

Works as expected here. Do the other channels actually get muted (i.e. the mute button gets lit) or is there just no sound you can hear from them. If it’s the latter check your Listen Dim setting in Control Room.

Working ok here, are you sure the listen level and listen dim are set correctly?
By the sound of it, your listen level seems to be > 0, while the dim level could be turned off entirely.

Go to your control room mixer and change the Listen Dim volume slider :wink:
Screenshot 2016-02-16 20.10.56.png

Thank you all for your advice on this. Indeed, it was the ‘listen dim’ slider – apparently, in C8.5 this level is by default all the way down. I never really went into these control room settings before [I thought this is mostly relevant to setups with a separate control room and recording room, which I don’t have].

Anyway, problem solved, thanks!

Now my next issue to tackle will be why C8.5 is so slow with zooming in and out :-/