Listening to Cubase output with PC speakers

Hi. I’ve been running Cubase7 on a Win7 PC for years, but after recently returning to the whole music thing, I am confused about something, and hoping someone can steer me in the right direction.

I’m using a Layla3G as my external midi/audio interface (…it’s a rackmount, with a cable leading from it to the Layla PCI card in the PC. I’m using VST instruments and some audio tracks.

So, I’ve always been a bit overwhelmed by the complex routing/options (…between all the options you get from Cubase, the Layla software, Windows, the sound card software, etc).

Anyway, currently, it appears that the audio output from Cubase is being sent out to the external Layla rackmount, and that the various Layla inputs/outputs are the only available options in the devices I can send the Cubase output to (via the Stereo out).

So, all I am after here, is how I might send that same audio to the PC sound card, so that the existing PC speakers can be used to hear the Cubase output. Otherwise, it appears I have to connect some cables from the Layla, and bring them back to the PC’s speakers, where I unfortunately have to do an unideal merge of the two cables (PC output and the Layla output). This is just a home computer, so I can’t go the usual route of external mixer boards and all that other ‘proper’ stuff.

I’m just surprised that I (seemingly) can’t just route the Cubase output (which is on the PC) to the PC’s audio card… but instead have to have it go out to the Layla, then back. So, I’m hoping I’m just missing something here.

So, is there a way to route the Cubase audio directly to the PC’s sound card, so I can hear it through the existing PC speakers?

Does the Layla3G card come with an ASIO driver?

Yes, it shows up as a selection in Cubase.
What I’m trying to figure out is if there’s a way for me to have Cubase send the audio directly to my PC speakers, rather than having to go out to the external Layla rack mount, then back into the PC speakers via cables.