Listening to Export Audio Mixdown - Double Output

I remember many versions ago, there was an option to listen to your audio mixdown when you’re doing a realtime export. I used this successfully.

I know it’s possible now but I cannot seem to make it work correctly.

This is the only reason I need to enable the Control Room.

I enable the Control Room, create a “studio” or “monitor” and assign the outputs to a different set of physical outputs on my sound card from the outputs assigned the main output which goes to my hardware mixer.

This works fine for listening but for for playback the main output is doubled, twice the volume, even though the control room output and the main output are assigned to different physical outputs.

I’ve tried to work through this several different time and always end up disabling the control room and living without the ability to listen while mixing down.

What am I doing wrong?

When using the control room, disable the main output in VST connections, that will stop the doubling.

Seriously… CR is one of the MOST powerful and useful but probably unsexy parts of cubase… spend some time with the manual and get to know it backwards… even if you don’t use ‘studios’ it is STILL incredibly handy!
If you use CR then unless you are running your main outs to tape or another set of monitors etc then you should disable them by default as doubling the output to your monitor amp can cause some pretty serious or terminal damage to it and or your monitors! I like my monitor cones inside their cabinets and not on the other side of the room :wink:

In preferences check, you don´t have set the “Use phones channel for preview”, if you don´t use an actual “phones” channel in control room. Also maybe see this thread here, for some more info. (No C6 user myself, but that´s how it is in C5, and probably that preference still exists in C6).

Hey thanks, everyone for the help. I’m working with it now and I think I may have figured a setup that works!