Little annoying things

Don´t get me wrong I love VL but there are some little things quite annoying, but maybe it´s me that do not know how to configure them:

  1. When I solo a layer (or stack) and I want to solo another layer in Cubase I can press “ctrl + click” and can switch the soloing channel but in VL I have to unsolo one and then solo the other.
  2. Is it possible when creating a layer that it enables my midi controller by default? or in case of a stack enable an input by default? or give the chance to set it?
  3. Is it possible to rescan midi devices so that I don´t have to restart VL if a controller was Off when loading VL?
  4. Can you please make the “e” bigger? I have a 4k monitor and it looks smaller than an atom…the mute and solo buttons are small too, in my monitor if those buttons sizes 5 mm, the channel Vol slider is about 300 mm, why??

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… yes, good one, we will add it.

… you could use “VST Live / Menu / Layer / Save Default Layer…”, no?

… it’s in development. But we can’t say when it will be added. We’ll keep you in the loop.

… we’ll talk with the GUI-Team.


yes, that is what I needed
thanks for listening!