Little black box after processing and freezes the program

Has anyone come across this issue? When I process some audio and “ok” it, after the process, a little empty black box appears at the top. (It usually houses the progress bar). I am not able to use any function in the program and the box will not go away. I have to ‘force quit’ the program.

Hi, what’s the context? (operating system, ara/standalone, process and duration of the processed segment…)

I have the same problem here, it just happened again after denoising an audio file. I also happens when applying Gain or other processing function.

It looks like this:

Well, this bug has been fixed in the update 6.0.1 - one off the list.

Hi. It seems the bug has not been fixed for macOS, at least on my system (MacBookPro 15’’ Retina display running macOS 10.14.6). It usually happens at the second or third time I apply a processing. After that, I am not able to use any function in the program and the box (which is gray on my system) will not go away. I have to force quit the program because it is not possible to quit it in a normal way. This happened every time I tried to use SL and makes it actually unusable for any audio processing. Very frustrating. SL version 6.0.1.

Fix for macOS comes in the second patch, coming within 2 weeks.

Ah, good to know. Thank you.

So… is the second patch being late?

It’s done on the development side, being reviewed for approval right now.

Wonderful! Thanks for the info.

It seems it’s taking a long time to be reviewed and approved. No update available in my download assistant.

Today the 6.0.20 update has become available. I downloaded and installed it. Bug solved! :smiley: