little bug concerning tuplets in cues


in my score I changed the property of my tuplets not to show the brackets.
If I use cues involving these tuplets, the brackets are still been displayed in the cues randomly. Some have brackets, some not.
I can’t find an explanation for this:

We’ll need to see the project, rather than a picture of it, to provide any assistance. I have said this many times before.

Even if you use Propagate Properties on these tuplets, properties are only propagated to layouts that include the player that the properties belong to. In the unlikely event that you created a part that contained both the Violino 1 player and the Viole player, you’d find that Propagate Properties did actually work on these tuplets. In every other situation, you’ll need to adjust the tuplets in the cues manually, using the properties panel within Engrave mode. If some tuplets are showing brackets and others aren’t, that’s down to your Notation Options.