Little bug with comma in song text

Please look to the attached foto’s; Dorico writes (at the first foto): …rum,___ .But it should be …rum___, ,because the clause ends after the last word. Same problem with other punctuation marks.

This is possibly a German versus English thing. In the UK we typically put the comma after the word, not after the extender line.

Thank you, pianoleo. Perhaps I’m wrong. Also the German edition of Elaine Goulds book says that the comma must be before the extender line. I saw both in scores and thought always that it is wrong to put first the punctuation mark. In my opinion is very illogical to have first the comma.

Hi Maximilian. I’m quite confident that in French, as in English, the comma comes right after the word (that’s before the extender line, which is not typographic text, but a graphic symbol). The other way round is likely a lack of typographic consistency that seems to be quite usual in music with words…

This was published by Breitkopf und Härtel (admittedly in 1851, so the rules may have changed) with the comma before the extender line. From the Bach-Gesellschaft Ausgabe, Band 1, Leipzig:

Just looked through some books from different German publishers (old and new) to make sure and couldn’t find a single example with a comma after the extender line. It is definitly not a typical German notation.

As I wrote earlier, this is typically a mistake from engravers that do not write text according to typographic rules of the country. This kind of (unwanted) mistake is the reason why I have been asking the team to add the short unbreakable space into Academico, so that I can engrave in French without typographic mistake. In French, every double ponctuation (:!:wink: is preceded by a short unbreakable space. I used fontforge to modify Academico in version 2, I have to check whether it has been added on version 3 or if I need to create that glyph again :wink:
[Edit] : As expected, U+202F as disappeared from Academico, so I will create it again.

Hello Marc.
If you make the edits again, would you be so kind to post here the modified font when you’re done? I sometimes have had to use the hard space, and I’m actually waiting for a commission in French, so this would be handy.