Little Circle Over Notehead for harmonics

I’m not exactly sure what you call it, so I think I’m performing poor searches for this (I assume it’s probably already been covered if I could search better).

I’m wanting to notate string harmonics in the style where it’s written at sounding pitch, but you have the little circle “articulation” above the notehead. I looked in the properties panel, and they have “Style, single notehead, sounding” which seemed like what I was looking for, but it just made the noteheads themselves diamonds. I failed to find anything in Engraving Options that would relate to this.

I tried faking it with the “Open” playing technique on brass (a trick I’d do in Finale) but that produces a circle much too large, and too far away from the notes themselves, to work as the appearance of an articulation.

Is this what you were looking for?

Properties panel > Harmonics
Type - Natural
Style - Circle above

One observation:
If you use the brass “Open” playing technique, you can select it and scale it (in Properties) independently of the note (unlike the string harmonic circle which, if scaled, also causes the note to scale).

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AH! I didn’t think to look under “Natural”, as I’ve seen it used for artificial harmonics (and my use is definitely artificial harmonics). I’ve always seen it used as “I want this note done via harmonic, I don’t care what method you use to get it” lol.

Also, the scaling trick with the Open circle would have been a great work around if this hadn’t existed. This is great!! Thank you!

For pictures of what those different options result in, see here:

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