Little dongle

Some of you may be interested to know that the more compact USB elicencer is now available.

If I was to get the smaller elicenser, what then?

Do I just copy my licenses to the new dongle?

If you connect both at once you can just drag and drop licences in Elicencer control centre.

Make sure the new one get’s registered at Steinberg and keep the old one for a spare.

Cool, thanks!

Edit: ordered ! :mrgreen:

Nice…! Thanks for alerting us @Grim

Ordered right away.


Odd that Sb haven’t mentioned it themselves.
I actually saw Guillermo mention it over at Gearslutz…but that was only because someone saw a pic and was asking.

You think 17 pounds sucks. To my country (Slovenia) shipping is 35€ :open_mouth: So alltogether it would cost me 58€ for a dongle.

Ill just stick with the bigger one. Im sure the smaller options will appear in other stores in time.

Janko - that’s crazy, I’ve just checked and even Royal Mail would only charge £8.60 to send it from the UK to you in Slovenia, 3-5 days, tracked. If you want one sent…

Hey thanks I really appreciate the help. Its not that urgent (the current one works as it should, and I have another normal spare one) so ill just wait for our distributors to have it on stock.


Well, that’s good, but it’s still a fragile plastic one… a metal casing one would be much preferred…