Little-Endian signed audio format in .caf wrapper

I’ve been asked to record some VO for an iPad app and need to deliver the audio in 48k, 16 bit format. OK, but the other spec is:

little-endian signed integer PCM, in Apple’s Common Audio Format (.caf) wrapper

Never heard of this before. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how to export and/or convert?

QuickTime maybe?

As far as I can tell, Quicktime and Quicktime Pro won’t do it.

Audacity, on the other hand, will… and it’s free.

There are also “for sale” .caf converters out there, but I don’t know anything about them.

I use Audacity from time to time… it’s ugly, but very effective, and works on Mac, PC and Linux.


OK, I’ve read that you can take an .aiff file and rename it to .CAF and it should work. Though, this may be old information and may not work today. I looked for a commercial batch conversion tool and could not find one that supported .caf. If anyone knows of any, please let me know. Thanks.

My first choice would be FMJ-soft’s indispensable “Awave Audio”:



We use Twisted Wave to create CAF’s for iOS apps. Not really sure about the little endian signed format, have never been asked for that. john.

Thank you for the responses.