Little Feature Missing

I have been a Cubase user since its inception in the 80’s. About a year ago I took advantage of a SB discount to switch to Nuendo. I just purchase v10. One little feature that Cubase has that is missing in Nuendo has to do with creating duplicate parts. In cubase there is a little box which is located in the middle of the edge of all parts. If you grab that bos=x and move to the right duplicate parts are made. I found it to be very useful since it allowed duplicates of a part to be made with one hand, as opposed to the original option drag method which requires both hands.

Any chance that will be added to Nuendo?


Hello Jay Weigel,

you can do the same in Nuendo by pressing the Ctrl or Command key on your keyboard, placing your mouse-cursor on the lower right corner of the event, then clicking and dragging it.

The small square box from Cubase will be implemented in the upcoming Nuendo 10.1 update though, so this “workaround” is just for the time being.

All the best,

Thank you Luis, did not know the workaround, but glad the feature is to be implemented. Its amazing how little features like that one help my workflow!

Thanks for this

Here it works with Alt key, not Ctrl but I can’t remember if i changed the modifier at some time…


Isn’t this the same “Ctrl-> Drag” function that we use to copy objects?