Little Feature Missing

I have been a Cubase user since its inception in the 80’s. About a year ago I took advantage of a SB discount to switch to Nuendo. I just purchase v10. One little feature that Cubase has that is missing in Nuendo has to do with creating duplicate parts. In cubase there is a little box which is located in the middle of the edge of all parts. If you grab that bos=x and move to the right duplicate parts are made. I found it to be very useful since it allowed duplicates of a part to be made with one hand, as opposed to the original option drag method which requires both hands.

Any chance that will be added to Nuendo?


I think you hold down option to make the box appear. Right?

Have you tried CTRL+D? That should be even faster than the other two options. I may be wrong though.

i also miss this option

I use Ctrl D a lot. My only wish is this had the ability to snap to quantize not just the end of the part. Depending on current quantize set, this could overlap or leave gaps. I’d especially like this in the midi editor, enabling the first note copied to land before the last note copied, serious speed up to workflow for how I’ve observed many people work.

Edit: i made that mistake again.

It was a unwelcomed surprise to see it was missing. I use it a lot in Cubase.