Little Feet Feel w/pedal steel

Cubase 8 mr816

Guitar - direct into interface and added some cubase distortion plug in
Bass - direct
Pedal Steel - direct with some cubase reverb
Vocals - sm7
Drums 4 mics sm52 on kick ATM 450 left and right OH and shure sm56 on snare

I played all of the parts except drums which were played by Bryan Owings here in Nashville.

little feet ha ha, great playing and voice,great groove ,great tune ,the mix is great +1. bloody great mate.

Great guitar playing, and you certainly get some good sounds - what distinction option and what interface?


Haha! that should have been what distortion and what interface…

Thanks for your comments. I used the amp simulator plugin (crunch setting) for the guitar.
Interface is the steinberg MR816x

Thanks for the new post. Such a great feel, and a sense of humor. The sounds are great. The guitar playing (electric and pedal steel) is very tasteful. Oh, and I agree about Little Feat feel. One of my rich friends let my band open a private show for Little Feat once. I guess kinda the remnants of Little Feat.