Little glitch in Playing Technique Editor

Hello, something funny happened when I was trying to add a new playing technique.
I tried to add the playing technique ‘sostenuto’ to appear in italic writing above the staff.
So I choose New Playing Technique, called it Sostenuto, in Common category, as Text, for the font I choose Dynamic MusicText and for popover text I assigned ‘sostenuto’.
Everything ok so far.
Then I tried to use the playing techinque in my score by using Shift-P and typing ‘sostenuto’…
What happened? A glyph with the piano sostenuto pedal was added :flushed:.
Ah, so this technique had already been occupied by the presets. Still I could not find ‘Sostenuto’ under the keyboard category… I will have to take a closer look at this amazing tool.

Pedal lines are input via the Shift+P popover but are not listed in the playing techniques editor; ideally it would warn you if you try to specify a popover string that is used not only by another playing technique, but also by a pedal line.