Little issue on Cubase while recording - Youtube Video To Illustrate The Issue

Hello everybody ! :slight_smile:

I made a little youtube video to illustrate a little issue I have on Cubase !
I wonder why the recording appears in the upper folders even if i’m not recording on them directly ! Maybe it’s normal but it seems a little weird to me :smiley:

Link :

Thx a lot for your feeback ! ♪

The folders just display the content of the folder, that is normal.
You can turn that off somewhere in the preferences, sorry not near a computer with Cubase right now, can’t be more specific.


If you don’t want to see the folders content, go to the Preferences > Event Display > Folders and set the Show data on Folder Track to Never Show Data.

Great ! Thx a lot peakae and Martin ! :slight_smile: