Little question about recording with UR22C

Hello everyone, I’m new to Cubase, and I just spend several hours trying to figure out why my guitar recording with UR22C did not work in cubase 11. I’ve checked everything, but in the end I found that in fact I’ve been correctly saved my guitar audio, the only problem is that the waveform is so tiny such that it looks like almost a flat line. Accidentally, I used the “play” button at the top of the waveform area to play my track and I hear clearly what I just recorded, but I had to keep pressing the button. When I click the triangle “start” button, I heared nothing in my monitor headphone. I’ve attached the picture of my waveform, I think there is nothing wrong with my hardware, cuz I can play and hear exactly what I played in Cubase, the only problem is that I don’t know how to “zoom” my recording. Could someone give me some help?

if your recorded level is that low you should amplify it during the recording.
You should use the input 2. and activate the Hi-Z setting and then you should turn the gain knob a bit… hope that helps

oh and check if your input gain in Cubase is set to 0dB

Thanks for your reply! I’ve checked the input gain, and it’s ok.

Finally I figured out why… and the reason is quite simple and makes me feel like an idiot, it’s that I did not unclick the “monitor” button on the track while playing back… hope that it might help someone else.