little rant about cubase 6 trial version

I must say I think you steinberg chaps are a bit cheeky , while I was trying out the cubase 6 trial version prior to buying the upgrade I imported a song I had previously recorded on cubase 4. when I had had enough of messing about and I went to close the project and I automatically when promted with the “do you want to save your project” I pressed yes thinking that I would then have the option of the “this project was created on an older version of cubase do you want to overwrite or save as new blah blah blah” , but that option did not appear ,and I thought whoops youve caught me out here, i couldnt open it again in 4 ,sneaky .

Have you still got the trial version and still within the trial period?
Load the project again and go thru it and try removing any VSTis or VST FX that you added and save again.

Then only work on copies of your projects. Or, better still, but could be a long shot, look for a duplicate of that file which could be a copy of the original.

thanks for your reply, no i dont have the trial any longer ,i bought the full version and i am very happy with it ,it re-injects a bit of enthusiasm back into doing stuff. Back to what i was talking about , you only have to change the slightest thing in a project and you are then promted to save the project.i could have recoverd it if id wanted to badly enough via export musicXML ,i once did it with a project created on my friends cubase 5 and i got it to open in 4 ,but frankley i couldnt be botherd trying cause i did fancy geting the new upgrade.but that doesnt change the fact that i think it is wrong that they have left the option out. not everyone will want to upgrade.

Strange, when I save projects made in older versions of Cubase, I always get a warning and Cubase saves the file with a new filename.

thanks for your reply ,i`m talking about “The Trial Vesion” of cubase 6 ,did not give me a warning when i went to close the project.