Little request about System Track


I really like deleting a couple of bars with the system track. But as I select the system track from left to right (I guess most people do), you always have to scroll back to the recycle bin icon, which appears only at the beginning/left side of the selection. Also key presses like Del or Backspace don’t work (probably by design to minimise the risk of inadvertently deleting bars). So my little request would be:
When selecting more than one system track rectangle, please show a recycle bin icon on the end/right side of the selection. When it is deleted, the view should jump back to the place, where the bars were deleted (to stay in flow).

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We thought long and hard about the placement of the delete button in the system track, and elected to put it on the left-hand side so that you would indeed have to make a deliberate decision to delete the bars, and couldn’t accidentally click the delete button when trying to extend the selection. But I will discuss this again with Anthony at some point and we’ll go around the loop once more. Thanks for the feedback.

How about a “Go Back To The Beginning (of the selection)” arrow button?

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Thanks for the reply, that’s very interesting. Maybe you can hide the icon while the Shift-Key is pressed.