Little request (I hope) for the next update: noteheads

Maybe it’s too much to ask…
But it would be great if the forthcoming release had the following shapes for the noteheads:

Many thanks

Noteheads in Dorico are organised into sets, so that the appropriate notehead can be chosen for each rhythmic duration (i.e. quarter and shorter, half, whole, double whole, etc.). Which specific noteheads would you want to see for each rhythmic duration when using these specific noteheads, and what would you call each of the two sets?

It would be great to have ‘diamond notehead’ and ‘wide diamond notehead’ used note for the half note, for any other value, shorter or larger than half.
That would give the symbol coherence to reproduce natural harmonics, whispered sound and so on and to be able to transcribe a notation as in the attachment (e.g.: Sciarrino).

It could be something as ‘common diamond notehead’, ‘common wide diamond notehead’ or ‘technique diamond notehead’, ‘technique wide diamond notehead’… (but english is not my language, so…!)


p.s.: whole note and longer has a different diamond notehead that breaks the coherence and ‘avoids’ some notation tricks to reproduce some idiosyncrasies of the contemporary literature
Schermata 2016-10-31 alle 16.26.37.png
Schermata 2016-10-31 alle 16.18.45.png

This isn’t quite the solution we had in mind for how to handle harmonics, which really ought to be handled semantically if possible rather than by changing the notehead set, but I will definitely give this some consideration.

Thank you Daniel.

Even if the most direct reference is to the harmonics, the symbol is quite ubiquitous. For example, it’s in use in methods for strings to indicate that the finger has to be kept still on the string without playing it.