Little tiny button for Key Editor view Makes everything easy

Picture this:

You visit the key editor hundreds of times, but there is no way to quickly bring all the notes in your part/selection, so they fill the whole of the main window. Zoom to Locators only manages the horizontal view.
So, perhaps a little red button, that is located in between the horizontal scroller, and the zoom scroller (RHS of Key editor window) that either (depending on whether notes are selected)

a] Brings all of the notes in the part to fill the whole of the window
b] Brings only those notes selected into the whole of the window

Using such a button you could say, select four or five notes - click the button to get macro view of these notes (easy to edit then) then when you are finished, deselect the notes (by clicking anywhere) then hit the magic button again and you straight back to viewing the whole part.

No more struggling with views

Why reinvent the wheel? Zoom to Selection does this, assign it to a keystroke.

‘Undo Zoom’ returns you to the previous zoom level.

Put the key editor view out of wack, then try grabbing for zoom to selection. Button would be much easier IMO


What does that mean?

Edit: I suppose the best way, without a macro, involves two or three operations

1] Select All (from Edit menu)
2] Zoom to selection

3] Optionally (Loop Selection range)


Well, the best way to bake a cake without an oven is to let it sit in the sun for a few days. Or, use the oven.

Make it so that all the notes are not seen either horizontally or vertically


Perhaps consider investing in a computer keyboard. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a push button oven - the wife makes the cakes,
but even so, one button kills all! I just heat it up in the microwave!

Fair point about keyboards, its usually out of reach when I work in the studio, too many other instruments, controllers, keyboards, gtrs - I go with a mouse where I can.

Okay, you’ve convinced me with the microwave argument. +1, but maybe not red. :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps a pop-up checkbox when you scroll to the window’s edge, 'cause everybody loves those. :stuck_out_tongue:

Steve I sorted a macro, thanks for your heads up (but still a button would mean no keyboard)

3 commands in the macro:

Edit Select All
Transport Locators to Selection
Zoom to Selection

Very Handy :slight_smile:

I’ve thought for awhile that it would be nice to have a set of buttons that we could assign to key-commands. Maybe I should submit a FR.

So I did.