Little unwanted behavior when switching from note spacing to graphic editing

Hi Dorico-team!

I am using Dorico 4 (latest native version on Macbook) and noticed some annoying behavior while in Engrave mode.
When editing parts, I often switch from graphic editing to note spacing. When I work on the first page, the left sidebar closes and the layout is moved to the left, to use most of the screen, which at first glance is a great behavior!

But when switching back to graphic editing, the sidebar reappears and the part stays further on the left, so before being able to continue my work, I will have to move it by myself, which becomes annoying really fast :slight_smile:

So either the part needs to move back to the right (which might annoy, when working on the right side of a part) or the part should just stay where it is.
Or is there an option, as how big the border around the part is allowed to be? As this is the main reason, why Dorico behaves this way?

Thanks and best regards!

You could try adjusting the Overscroll amount preference on the General page of Preferences.

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Changing the value to “medium” resolves the issue flawlessly for me! Thanks for that convenient solution!