little wish for properties panel


I don’t know, maybe others think the same. Or not … Maybe its nonsense what I am writing now.

in the properties panel: I wonder why its necessary to activate the activation switch every time before its possible to change something.
IMHO it would be much faster if its possible just to click on rectangle selection field, which does both: activate this command and change what ever you want to change with one click.

PS: on a big screen the activation switches are very small …

This has been discussed quite a lot. The switch shows you that the setting is an override of the Engraving/Notation Options. Even if the value is the same as the default, it’s still an override.

Thanks! just wanted to say, that in my opinion its one click too much to create an override. I understand that it might be too much unnecessary information in the file, so its a little protection to activate the command first. But if you know, what you are doing??
Maybe a choosing option ( X clicking in the rectangle field activates the command)?

But if it was discussed already I shut up. :wink:

And it was discussed a lot, every detail has been covered :sweat_smile:

One example (and there have been more threads about it!) : Properties Panel – 2 req. (non-priority) - #18 by J_Woodtli - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

Ok! :sweat_smile: So let’s stop this discussion immediately!!

I think the best we can hope for is the opposite direction, that when one sets the property-override switch, the checkbox is checked rather than working form checkbox to switch. I notice that in some instances (above/below choices?) switching the override on chooses the non-standard option by default. And for properties with pull-downs the pull-down is (not surprisingly) populated with an option when switched on.

I am happy to work within the current system. Many more important improvements loom on the roadmap, I am sure, than saving a click or two in the properties panel, especially when on can set shortcuts. I just supposed that having the property-override switch populate the checkbox where appropriate might be a more likely direction to take than having the checkbox flip the override switch.