Live Audio Multi-tracking in 9.5

I recently upgraded to Artist 9.5 from Cubase SE which I’ve been using for
many years. I’m struggling to understand the new format. All my music is
acoustic audio… no Midi or VST instruments. For example: How can I record
8 tracks of live drums, one on each track? The buss routing is confusing
and the additional In’s Out’s, and recorded tracks add a lot of additional
faders to the console view. On SE, I’ve recorded over 40 audio tracks in a
single project. How can I do this in 9.5? The manual is not clear on this.

p.s., I use a Presonus Firepod for my A/D interface.

Works the same way it did in Cubase SE: Connect the Hardware input ports to the Cubase input busses in VST connections, assign the different input busses on the different teacks.

First, press F4 and make sure that your inputs are setup correctly. The “Presets” menu to the top of this window includes many automatically created presets tailored to your specific audio hardware configuration.

After you do this, create the number of mono and/or stereo tracks needed for your recording. Optional but good idea: Now select all tracks by clicking the first track, then clicking the last track while holding Shift. Right click and select “Move Selected Tracks to New Folder”. The folder will allow you to Record Enable all tracks with a single click.

Now, open the MixConsole by pressing F3, and follow these instructions to assign different inputs to each track with a single click:

Now you’re good to go. Just click the folder’s Record Enable button and then start recording when you’re ready.

Folders in Cubase Pro have an additional feature called Group Editing. This is extremely useful when working with drums, because it allows you to temporarily treat all tracks in a folder as if they were a single track.

For example, you could use cycle recording mode to record multiple takes. With a SINGLE click, you can select the best take, and all of the other drum tracks will follow. You can also press the Show Lanes button and use the Comp tool to select the best parts of each take, and again all of the drum tracks will follow.

F3… awesome… thank you thank you thank you!