Live band recording using VST Connect to a remote Producer

I’m working with a producer who needs to listen in remotely and direct/comment on a live band recording session here at My studio. He won’t be performing. Is there a way to set that up so full band takes and individual puncins and overdubs will be in sync on his end?

One problem, I see is that when monitoring using tape machine style is enabled, Cubase mutes Cue sends to VST Connect. In this particular situation that is problematic because the producer can’t hear the band perform as they play. He will only hear playbacks.

Any solutions?

I’m on a Mac using VST Connect 4.0.43.


“direct/comment” is rehearsal mode which explicitly is not in sync. Sync requires longer delays which prohibits “realtime” comments.
“Cubase mutes Cue sends to VST Connect” - yes, deliberately so, because Performer would be very confused to hear his or her input delayed by seconds.
VST Connect is no jamming tool. We may add listeners later, but they shouldn’t be able to comment while a take is running, only during chat or rehearsal mode. Maybe that is all you need though, because I don’t see a reason why producer needs to be in sync if it’s just about listening/comments?

Well I figured out a work around for a “remote producer“ to hear live band takes. Rehearsal mode eliminates the delay issue with the band here in the studio. Then, You just add prefader sends from each record track to a stereo group track and then just send just only the stereo group track to the producer using the cue send to VST connect. What’s also nice is that the producer has a separate mix from what the band gets. This seems to work well but it would be nice to integrate this into VST Connect more directly.

it’s always good to find ways to ‘misuse’ VST connect for more unusual uses - glad that’s working for you and thanks for sharing

“but it would be nice to integrate this into VST Connect more directly.” How so?
You know that you can also set the Cue Mix to “Mix” in the Control Room, which then sends the main mix to the Performer?
Other than that, what you describe (Rehearsal mode) is identical to ‘true’ recording mode using VST Connect Cue, so it’s all there and we’d be eager to learn what you are missing in this scenario.
Btw. you are not the only person ‘abusing’ VST Connect. We’ve been watching a band in Berlin to make a ‘world tour’: they perform in Berlin, started out streaming to club locations - Brisbane for 30 min, then an hour later California etc for display with a projector. The reason they took VST Connect is for its audio quality, and beeing able to communicate with the audience.