Live crossfade two tracks by cc

I don’t know how to do a simple thing. I have two Tracks each one of them containing Kontakt with complex multi each, and I wished to crossfade between both audio tracks by using the CC1 (modwheel).

Let’s say I have a stack of multi with trombones modulated attack and brilliancy by velocity in one track. And in the other track I have a stack of multi with Brass with another complex by velocity modulators.
I need to crossfade between both instruments by using the Modwheel.
How can I do that?
Thyanks in advance!

Sounds tough.

Read up on automation.

I can’t think of what automation would do what you want.

Maybe have cc’s be set up to control volume on both tracks. Then if you could invert the function on one track so that the same command going to both tracks would make one go up and one go down, it might work but doubtful if it would be what you want.

It has to be live? You could just create the automation with a mouse or record it.