Live Loop Performance - Multiple acoustic players - (not dj/electronic music)

Hello community,

I have a mid-late Covid-19 run of gigs next week during the now-cancelled Calgary Stampede. It must be instrumental, no singing and only a trio because of stage size. They have asked for good ol’ country swing … I’m a trad jazz guy who likes old country so this is right up my alley.

I want to be able to loop a whole song form (16, 32, 48 bars etc etc) and have each player switch instruments on each new pass.

ME: Upright bass, piano, clarinet, guitar chunking, banjo, baritone ukulele and brushed snare. One or two mics scattered here and there. Mostly flat and acoustic as possible.
Player #2: Violin (or fiddle depending on your preferred country nomenclature), Mando and multiple string layers. One mic likely.
Player #3: Steel guitar and electric guitar. Likely a mic on each amp.

Gear: Cubase 10.5, Mackie DL32R (32 ins X 12 outs) USB to Cubase. Several USB keyboards if needed to trigger things (if that’s even possible in Cubase). AirTurn BT-200 (4 wireless midi buttons).

In my own studio this is all figured out. Here’s a video of me playing multiple instruments:


  • Need a count in and obviously a metronome that the audience can’t hear. I was thinking about using my iPad with Softdrummer on a Network Midi and physical audio into a stereo channel. This is what I normally use for a metronome that doesn’t sound like a robot.

  • Need to record arm a track easily

  • Using the loop function between each locator

  • Each tune would either need it’s own project file, or tempo change in the same file.

  • If loop function is being used, and only one project file, need to quickly loop the next song in the project. (Key command P on some kind of block represented in the arranger track?)


  • Any suggestions on the best way to this?

  • Is there a way that each player has the ability to trigger when they want to record or not?

  • Would this utilize cycle record? And if so, how should this be set up?

  • Can you assign midi messages from devices to certain buttons in Cubase like the record arm button?

Thank you for your help.