Live looping in Cubase

Hello There

I’m using Cubase 10.5 Elements atm. I’m really enjoying cubase and was not thinking about switching to another DAW. Yesterday i got stuck. I wanted to loop my guitar and continue hands free.
That did not work. I have to stop the recording manually and so i can’t get a “live loop”.

I know about the punch in / punch out functions on artist, but before i buy the level up i have to know if the live looping process is possible. otherwise i have to buy new gear (ditto x4) or go with ableton live for this.

Does anybody had the same issues or better, solutions to my problem?

Thanks a lot (:

I can’t guarantee that I am 100% correct with this. However, it can be done - just not as you probably want it. The problem is: If you set the punch out point exactly at the end of the loop, it will never be triggered, as Cubase keeps recording cycles, depending on how you set it up, it will mix or replace the recordings or stack them, etc. For the workflow you want to have, you would need to set the punch out a tiny bit before the end of the loop. That way, it stops recording automatically and then just keeps looping the recording. But that means, you can not record perfect seamless loops, as you have to sacrifice a tiny bit at the end to make it stop recording early.

Do you have some kind of midi footswitch that you can map to start / stop recording? Maybe you can stop recording manually with the foot.