Live Midi in quantize

Hi, is there a live quantize function in VST Live ? Say, i want to play a 8 bars sequence triggered by midi in a sampler and i want it snaped to the next beat (or next bar) even if i don’t play it perfectly in sync…

Live quantize is only possible in ‘forward direction’, means you’d have to play in advance (ahead of the metronome) - naturally, you cannot quantize to a point in time than earlier than “now”.
VST Live features playback quantize for MIDI tracks though.

Thanks for the answer Musicullum, but my question was : is there an auto quantize function in vst live when i play and how to activate it ? Sorry for my english

You cannot quantize in realtime, because quantize requires the event to be quantized to be known beforehand, which is physically impossible when you are “too late”.
You could only quantize events that you played ahead of (before) the beat, by delaying the event to the later beat, but not those after the beat, because that time has already passed and we can’t go backwards in time in real life, right?
Or maybe you mean something else?