Live MIDI: Previewing cuts, Deleting time

I am editing up live MIDI piano. Part of this involves deleting sections so that the notes that straddle them are shortened too (such as when the performer thought about the next note too long and left their fingers down).

I’ve been fiddling around with it all afternoon and have come up with this method of working in the Project Window:

Select range to cut
Set Pref: MIDI - Split MIDI Events (KC set to Ctrl-Alt-X)
Delete (Sh-BS) or Cut (Ctrl-Sh-X) Time (moves cc’s too)
Glue Parts
Open Edit-in-Place or Editor
Glue Notes

Setting the Pref is important. It includes the note in the cut. Without this step, time is deleted but notes straddling the cut remain at their original length and overlap subsequent ones - not what’s wanted in this particular situation.

I wanted to have something to put on the table but I am interested in any comments. This way works but is there a quicker way? Do you know how to preview a cut? How I would love to be able to preview a cut!


Got a way of previewing a cut and then setting the Range to it:

  • Use the Range Tool and set Grid to use the Magnetic Cursor
  • Use the locators back-to-front (as every knows, I guess) to trial the cut. It’s not perfect as MIDI notes get re-triggered but they’re ignorable.
  • Num1 (cursor to “right” locator), drag range to the cursor
  • Num2 (cursor to “left” locator), drag range to the cursor

You now have the loop set as a Range, proceed with the cut as in the OP.

It doesn’t take as long to do as to tell but again, if there’s a better way I’d love to hear it, please.

Hi C

Just wondering, are your time signatures and tempo map fully defined prior to performance?

Hi, mutesolo.

No, not when I’m playing live. And by “live” I mean it’s just me sat at the piano with the “tape recorder” going. However, if I decide to work something up then yes, I will build a full tempo and time sig map but not until I’ve got the timing side of the performance right. (I don’t know how the tempo map events are affected once you start chopping time out of the track. It handles Arranger events and Markers just fine but I’ve not tried it for the Tempo Track, although I have every reason to think it will be okay.)