Live Midi recording velocity?

Hello. I prefer to input my parts live with my midi keyboard and then tidy things up. I’m surprised that Dorico is not recording my dynamics when I play. Am I doing something wrong?


normally the dynamics are always recorded when playing live, irrespective of what your Expression Map has set for the volume dynamic (which may well vary depending on the instrument) and will show in the velocity lane plus the volume dynamic lane if different. First question is if you can see the differences in dynamic in the Key Editor velocity lane but not hear them or if you cannot see or hear them. That will then narrow things down.

see: Program Settings/Playback/Record-> Adopt Velocity.

Check your settings in Edit>Preferences>Play>Recording

Well what do you know. Preserve note velocities wasn’t checked! Fantastic and thank you!

that was it!

that wasn’t my first port of call as I’ve never known anyone to disable “Preserve Note Velocities”. But of course this was the obvious next step as @Janus and @_derBertram spotted.

I do, because I just cannot get the hang of the weighting of MIDI keyboards!(Give me a way to get MIDI out of my Bluthner model 1 and I’ll bite your arm off)

I naively assumed that everyone who who likes to record live (I don’t as a rule, anyway) has a keyboard with at least useable weighting. Clearly an unwise assumption!

For me, MIDI keyboard is simply a way to get notes input quickly…

fair enough. But I find step input is usually faster than quantizing and correcting the inevitable mistakes. Perhaps you don’t make any!