Live multitrack recording tracks not in sync

Hello people, i did a multritrack recording for a small concert. i recorded 48 channels with dante (1000 buffer size and 6ms latency). After finishing recording a putting them into my daw I realized, that they are all out of sync. Do you know why? I had this problem one or two times already.

All the best

Where do the tracks come from? Maybe they contain a time-stamp that’s needed to get them in sync?

I just realized, when I open the project in Nuendo live it’s not out of sync, but when I put the wave Files into a DAW they are not synced.

This means that the files share a common sync point, but the actual recording process didn’t start at the same sample position.

Either export the files again and make sure that they all share the same starting point, or make sure that “the other DAW” can read Broadcast-WAV-embedded position info.

thank you. that worked.

You’re welcome! Glad to hear this.

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