LIVE Performance Use : Prevent clumsy fingers hitting Record

IN PROJECT VIEW : Is there a way to either disable the record button, or move it so it’s not right next to the play button?. I’ve found myself once in a blue moon in a live performance accidentally triggering the Record button… and then having to stop, undo, go back to beginning and start over. This is on a normal sized iPad - so the buttons are not huge. In fact they’re small enough were the occasional miscue (completely sober, i promise!) does happen from time to time.

Any other suggestions for how to make it fail-safe?


Hi variantboy,

Thanks for your message.
So far it is not possible to disable or move the record button.


Hi variantboy,

Any other suggestions for how to make it fail-safe?

Yes, an variation workaround :

You can disabled the red track record buttons on all tracks.

If all “record enabled” buttons are off and you activate the recording button during the playback,
it will not be recorded anything on any track.

If you have activated record by mistake, you can simply switch off the recording button during playback without stopping the playback.