Live project, Arranger mode, Video not showing

Hi there! Been using Cubase for many years. Have a project consisting of 8 songs along a timeline with both audio files, midi files and vocals. To each song we also have video visuals imported to the project. Everything is set up with an arranger where I choose the song order before a show.

Problem is with the video. When one song is continuing to the next, the video for the next song doesn’t come up. The screen is black. I can click on the screen with the mouse and the video comes back but this also make a short silence in the song. If I set the songs to stop And don’t continue automatically it’s all fine and video shows up when I hit play.

Funny enough is that this was not a problem at first in 7.5 but came after a while without any obvious reason. I upgraded to 9.5 this weekend but still the same problem.

I hope someone of you have any suggestions on how to solve this or maybe can confirm that it works/don’t works for you. Help is much appreciated.