Live Recording

Godd afternoon everyone, I just have one simple small question.

Has anyone use Cubase 7 for live recording? I’m talking about at least a Drummer, base & guitar, 4 Keys & 3 singers…

Im looking into upgrading this weekend & I want to use Cubase 7 for the first time in recording a live set at the club for my band… :wink:

May or may not fly, depending on specs. You don’t give any so… .

Sorry for not given specs…

I’m going to take my Mac-Book Pro which has lion 10.7, Firewire 1tb hard frive, & my Yamaha UR824 with Behringer Adat ADA8000 & Focusrite Octopre Mk2.

HDD speed? :confused:

Damn, I’m forgetting alot… lol…

7200 speed…

Should fly.

Great! Thx N8… appreciate it bro…

Don’t forget to set the project length to account for a whole set.

Ok bet, thanks…

I’ve been using Cubase for many years to do live recording but also doing live tracking with up to 16 tracks at a time in the studio as well. It would seem that if you have a reasonably modern computer and hard drive live tracking with many tracks should be no problem at all.

I find mixing to use far more system resources (a different part of the computer) than tracking ever has been.

Tracking many tracks should be a pretty easy task for most computers these days, especially if it’s live tracking where the band isn’t monitoring through the software in any way. Just set your interface’s buffer up high, hit record and catch up on your reading.

Multi-tracking with 5,400 RPM drives, which a lot of laptops have, gives a Too Many Tracks error according to most reports.

Yeah, that would be true. I just assumed that anyone doing serious recording would use a nice fast external drive. That’s what I use. I still have my old generic enclosure with a 7200 rpm seagate barracuda IDE that records anything I’ve thrown at it.

I would never record to the internal drive of a laptop, or really the internal boot drive of anything. Don’t want to miss a single note.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Works quite well here. Better than any external whatever speed USB Discs.

i think the best for laptops to record live multi channels is to replace the DVD Drive with 2nd 7200 or higher HD.
no problem if the DVD is trough a USB.
its a 15$ investment on an internal HD caddy and a 2nd HD and u got a good mobile rig.

You said upgrade?

I would record into 6.5 and save 7 for mixing.
7.01 seems reasonably robust, but for laying tracks only you don’t need any features and 6.5 is a rock.

It’s your band so any issues would not be at a clients expense, but, still . …

actually just for simple recording in location i use cubase 5Ai. no dongle needed.

So your saying, use 6.5 for all the live recording & then take the recording back into the studio & mix with 7? Does tat means that 7 will make the live recording sound even better by mixing in 7? Just curious that’s all…

Not really, if 7 is stable on your system there’s no difference. It’s just that 6 might be a bit more reliable since it’s been out and patched for a good while now. While mixing stability isn’t crucial, while recording you don’t want a crash :wink:


Using Nuendo Live might be the best option, since this is made especially for live recording :wink:
HDD ? - 7200 rpm should be the minimum, but can be connected by eSata (preferable) or USB as well, if not internal. Anyway, for under 100 € you get internal HDDs Caviar black for laptops with 750 GB and 7200 rpm by Western Digital… No big investment anyway…