Live shows - Midi sends to address differents VST synths

During my live shows, I play two MIDI Keyboards to address 10 different VST synths and I automated everything via MIDI Sends. It works fine but I’d need far more than only 4 MIDI Sends per Keyboard. There is another way to achieve what I need?

Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome to the forum,

No, there is no way. But what you can do is use another MIDI Track, which just passes the data to the next tracks:

  • Track A
    – Send 1 to track A1
    – Send 2 to track A2
    – Send 3 to track A3
    – Send 4 to track A4
  • Track A1
    – Send 1 to track A1-1
    – Send 1 to track A1-2
    – Send 1 to track A1-3
    – Send 1 to track A1-4
  • Track A2
    – Send 1 to track A2-1
    – Send 1 to track A2-2
    – Send 1 to track A2-3
    – Send 1 to track A2-4
  • Track A3
    – Send 1 to track A3-1
    – Send 1 to track A3-2
    – Send 1 to track A3-3
    – Send 1 to track A3-4
  • Track A4
    – Send 1 to track A4-1
    – Send 1 to track A4-2
    – Send 1 to track A4-3
    – Send 1 to track A4-4

Now you have 16 tarcks.

Hi Martin, yes, that’s what I’m doing for the extra 2 synths… Changing by hand the little red dots while passing to another song. A nightmare.
My scope was to “forget” program changes :slight_smile:
I’d like one day to have at least 16 MIDI Sends in some new Cubase.


Please, add the feature-request optional tag to your post, or make a new one, with the clear request (and the tag), pelase.

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Another Tip:
I also use MIDI Sends in my live context with Cubase 13. I use the new option in the Project Logical Editor to adress the On/Off state of individual send slots.
I create PLE presets, which can enable/disable monitoring for specific tracks by using the track name (as Pre-Process) plus enabling send slots by number. This is more flexible, because You can also create combinations for layered sounds. These presets are then triggered by MIDI remote. I actually only use a stream deck for it.


Thank you Werner,

Well, I need to update, then :slight_smile: I’m with an Artist 12.
Actually, my problem is that simple: an Intel i7 in the studio, but an i3 laptop for live shows… for now.


Isn’t it better to use the VST Live for the live show? I guess, less resources are needed with this lite version.

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Hi Martin,

Until last show we were using Ableton Live but I couldn’t stand anymore all this backing tracks-synth automation- FX automation-realtime-stuff ping-pong between Cubase and Live.


I don’t mean Ableton Live, I mean Steinberg VST Live. :wink: But, it might not meet your needs. It was just an idea. :wink:

Yeah, I got it. Ableton Live or Steinberg VST Live doesn’t change the fact that I cannot export my studio stuff and play.

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