Live Stage - applying to pre-Dorico 5 projects

Am I right in assuming that the Live Stage templates can only be applied to new Dorico projects i.e. if you have a pre-Dorico 5 project you can’t apply a Live Stage mapping to it in retrospect.

You can activate it in the expression maps.


Found it


Didn’t find it :frowning:

Try the Library Menu, “Expression Maps”. In the dialog that pops up, select on the left the expression map you wish to change. Then in the right side, at the very top, there is a bar that says “Expression Map Data”. It is a section header that is closed by default. Click anywhere in the bar and it will open up to reveal the image Jesper posted above, including the “Apply Stage Template settings” switch. Make your changes and click the OK button in the lower right as usual.

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Thanks a lot, I didn’t have the idea to click on "“Expression Map Data” !

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Daniel, am I right in thinking that if you have Live Stage enabled in the ‘default’ expression maps then anytime you open an older Dorico project it will then apply Live Stage to the project?

I opened up a D4 project and can’t figure out why Live Stage got turned on and how to turn it off. It seems like Live Stage doesn’t agree very well with the project I’m using, which has a bunch of instruments run off of Kontakt. Some instruments were sounding really distant so found Live Stage now enabled and a few instruments marked as the furthest top right corner of the Live Stage, where I can’t even click on them to move them.

Can you turn off Live Stage once its on a project?

Yes, you can go to Play > Stage Template and apply the Default stage template.

Thanks, Daniel.

Turns out that Live Stage was off after all, I was using an sxample violin library that uses cc11 for their ‘room walker’ setting, which is similar to Live Stage in that it does eq and verb at the same time. Moving mid from DAW into Dorico I hadn’t noticed that I had used cc11 on a different violin library. My mistake.