Live stream a mix to a client


I wanna do some online live mixing with the client present somewhere in the world.

does anybody know about a possibility to stream the output generated by Nuendo live via internet?

(i am aware of the build in tool but for Logic and Live users that is not an option)

I use skype already for peer to peer communication, but skype cannot stream an internal audio source by my knowledge.

Any advice is appreciated :slight_smile:


Yes, you can do that with Skype. We have clients listening in all of the time.
Souce Live is another solution.
Or VST connect


Thanks Fredo, can you please tell me how you can transmit a source in Skype apart from the Mic. In Skype microphone input I can just select my Apollo soundcard, but not specify an input… (which is connected to the output of Nuendo)

Source Live is by far the better option. All your client needs is a browser connected to the Internet. Yes, you will have to get the Source Live software, but it is a very useful thing to have for just these reasons.


thanks DG, i just downloaded the SL software and shared my screen with someone at the other half of the globe, and it worked like a charm.

wonderful !! the only thing that i would like to have in that tool is a switch between screen an cam, but hey it’s better than nothing :slight_smile:

If you’re a mac user and need audio stream only (Nicecast by Rogue Amoeba) is a a good option. I used it in conjunction with Skype. Nicecast for Audio, Skype for video. Demo version license does not have an expiry date or didn’t used too with the only limitation a subtle noise blast after an hour of use. Requires both clients to have iTunes installed. It served me well until I invested in Source Live a few years back.

Do you guys mind the latency with source live Video? I get about 10 seconds latency. cool for streaming continuous sections but I wish latency was faster for more interactive back and fourth. Maybe i’m asking for too much. Still awesome

I don’t stream video, but the original question was about a mix. If there is video involved, I use Source Connect and set the video up in advance.