Live Streaming to Youtube through UR 242

This is my first post! I am working my way through a process for live streaming to youtube. Tell me if I am wrong in using any one of these processes.

Cubase----> Master Channel---->Voxengo Recorder free Vst with output set to “MME” and the “MME” device being “Line” (Steinberg UR242) and “Line” being what I’'ll assume is the live feed for the headphones and speaker stereo out-----> Nvidia Geforce Shadowplay with the Microphone set to always on; and the setting for it being the “Line” output of the UR242-------XXXXXXXX

My problem with this process is that playing through the speakers connected to the UR 242 or the headphones causes the sound to double up based on the latency of the Voxengo’s Vst plugin, but apparently it plays just fine on youtube for the listeners.

My question is for anyone familiar with youtube streaming with cubase or with any other DAW that might know a bit more about this process or what MME or what Line refers to in the UR 242 output chain.