LIve transform

Under chords in the inspector I selected live transform to scales and or chords, and when I play on my midi keyboard it keeps missing notes randomly,
when I turn it off all notes work and respond just fine. any help
Was hoping I understood how it works i have chord track and want to noodle around in the key by using just the white keys and all notes should fit the scale of the chords I have in the track?


Does the manual help?

Not really just gives a brief description

Does Live transform work or is it just me having the problem. does anyone use this ?


It works to me here.

IMHO, Live Transform could be better, but it does work.

When you use it, it will not play notes that are not part of the chord or scale. That’s how it works. I’d prefer if it didn’t give any silent notes and rather played the nearest chord tone or scale tone.

I agree, Live Transform should play every note you play also when you play notes overlapped that map to the same note.
Playing overlapping notes (previous key not yet released when new note played) that map to the same note, will not play.

So no solution basically it not of any use then really why we pay so much money for?


What exactly doesn’t work to you?

It’s one tool in the kit and it does what it does well. Live Transform could be better, sure, but I find it very useful and fun to work with. I’ve found attractive voice leading from it.

I’ve feature requested that Live Transform play fewer or no silent notes so that playing only the White Keys would always sound a scale or chord tone. This may be impossible to code. Others might prefer it work as it does now, leaving silences rather than cluttering up a part. Live Transform does do what the Operations Manual says it does.