Live updates during playback

I couldn’t find anything about this in the Dorico 4 version history, but I’m sure it was previously not possible to make edits to the score during playback and hear the updates in realtime. It was a nice little surprise when I made some edits and was ready to restart playback when I noticed that Dorico 4 had already correctly played the new notes!


Oh, nice! For a project I am actually staying in 3.5 and I was wondering about it just yesterday!

This isn’t something we have explicitly worked to enable in Dorico 4. There are some changes to how the playback data is calculated, but I would be surprised to hear edits reflected in real-time during playback.

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I just tried it - yes you can be in edit mode during playback, as long as you’re sufficiently ahead of the playhead while it’s catching up with you. And when it gets to your edit point it will play the notes. I’m not sure if it plays the notes you’re entering too (if you have that set) - I had a loud passage, but I’d guess yes.

Not sure the utility of scribbling notes ahead of the band marching up …