Live video playback

Hi there,

I’ve running a live electronics and film piece - using cubase 5. I’ve got 24ish tracks of audio that I’ve bounced down from my VSTs to reduce the CPU load.

I’m also trying to playback video live, on a large projector screen. However, the video (it’s an MP4 - 800MB HD, duration 10 minutes) is jittery, and doesn’t play back smoothly - it’s ‘jumpy’ for want of a better description, and certain sections get all distorted - I hope that’s an adequate description.

I’m using a Macbook pro (late 2009) and don’t seem to be getting any CPU or ASIO spikes, the soundcard I’m running is a focusrite saffire LE. The audio is fine, no problem. My uneducated guess is that it’s a hard drive access problem, both video and audio are on the same internal drive of the macbook. External firewire drive isn’t really an option as my soundcard is monopolising the firewire port.

I’d be most grateful for some advice here, even if it’s directions to an additional program that could be hooked up to Cubase to handle the video playback. I’m obviously happy to supply any additional info that could help. I’ve tried the demo of Cubase 6 (I’ll upgrade at some stage) but the problem persists.

Thanks in advance for any help, this one has me scratching my head a bit :slight_smile:



Try to use USB sound card. For 1 stereo Output is USB Speed enought. Than you can try to save the video on the external FW driver.

Is your Mac optimized? Switch Off all automatized processes (checking update, sleeping, switching Off of anythink); minimize your graphics effects; switch Off automatic application starting after login; and repair permissions. Update your Cubase and Quick Time.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll give all of the above a go