Livestream feedback issues

Hello Guys,

I am trying to livestream Cubasis session with UR22C and can’t get the guitar to work without producing a feedback while Loopback is on. I can use DSP from the interface, but than I can’t use Cubasis FX on the guitar. I can use Cubasis FX and hear everything without the loopback on, but than I can’t stream, If I turn on loopback I can stream but I can’t have sound preview enabled without producing the feedback.
Any idea how to eliminate the feedback and have the sound preview on while livestreaming? This seem to be some kind of design or software flaw.

Hi @Voxango,

Thanks for your message.

Could you explain your use case first, to better understand what you’r after?


I am looking to be able to livestream my Cubasis session while monitoring is enabled.

Please do the following steps to understand what I am after.

  1. Connect UR22C to iOS device and plug in guitar to “Input 2”
  2. Open dspMixFX and enable Loopback “Live Cast”
  3. Open Cubasis on iOS device and start a new project.
  4. Add audio, route it to input 2 and add some insert FX.
  5. Click and Enable monitor icon. You should hear the feedback noise.

I need to be able to hear the guitar while looping back to streaming services but enabling monitoring while loopback is on creates this noise.