Livetracing cubase-users


I have noticed today and a few other times that if i turn my computer on without internet access the synopsis e-licenser refuse to open cubase. This in addition to the elicenser demanding updates before you start cubase within the release of each elicenser update. This is on my mac osx SL setup anyway.


  1. is there livetracking of users of the Software?

  2. Is it possible to use cubase at all without having a internet connection?

The following error message shows:

Application ‘Cubase / Cubase Artist’ has caused the following error:

Application ‘’ could not be started. Probably the file is corrupted or incompatible, or file access permissions are set incorrectly.

Please download and install the latest version of the eLicenser Control software from


8 this post has been edited to clarify)

You should check your computer…

Of course.