Livin on the Edge


I really would like some feedvback on this cover. Original song by Aerosmith. I have recorded everything in my living room. Fender telecaster road road worn. Woodo 4 electric base. Eastone steel guitar. Real piano. VST violin. MR816x audio card. TLM Microphone. How is the mix? :slight_smile:

(new version after opinion)

Mix seems a bit mushy to me. Can’t really make out the individual elements of the mix. Some timing issues too to further your woes :smiley: No worries. Get the vocal up front for starters. Then the kit, being careful not to mask that vocal. Add the bass, again being careful not to mask anything. Make sure now that the kick and bass are in perfect time (or close to). If they ain’t, start nudging things into place. How’s it sounding now? If it’s OK, bring in a guitar or two. Check the timing is correct. Line stuff up if necessary. You should have a cleaner mix by now. Post here when you’re done :sunglasses:

Thanks Phil. I will do that!

How much did the rights to cover the tune cost?

I smell some irony :wink: This is just for fun. Learning to play, mix etc. But maybe i should take it out of the clowd before some american record company demands millions of dollar. I not planing of pushing this to spotify. Not even Youtube.
Mashedmitten > I know that you approach questions like “teach the fisherman to fish” :wink: Is it in danger to have this somewhat bad cover in the clowd?

I think you’ll be OK for now :sunglasses:

Well, it was a serious question as I was curious about the cost and proceedure of getting permission because I’d like to do something similar, but legally. Since you didn’t, my problem now is the circumvention of the copyright rules that apply here at this forum and in general. Curious as to why the big sticky at the top of the forum means nothing to some. As musicians, it seems in all our interest to protect intellectual property. I realize income from this may be moot, but where is the line drawn? Only when the shoe’s on the other foot? :sunglasses:

Hiya Nate. I know Lenny did a couple of covers via the Harry Fox agency so he’d be ideal to ask but we’ve not seen him round here for ages :frowning: Maybe go direct to the agency? I’d be curious to know how much too :sunglasses:

Yeah Phil, was thinking the same thing re: Lenny Lee. Hope all’s well with him.

Definitely the vocal is too buried. Otherwise enjoyed.

(only link latest mix)

Okay. I have worked all day on the mix. More focus on the voice. More balance. Not to loud. This what i have done
cut uneccesary silence (events with no vocals)
change drums and midi timing.
FX group with TC electronic ambience reverb around 10 % on output and mild compresion (analog sound)
FX effect with VST amprack on vocals (!) 5 % on lead. 15 % bacj vocals.
Liquid mix on bass guitars and vocal. Very sweet. not to loud.
Pulled back the steel guitars a bit and cut som bass. More pan left and right.
A bit automation on the back vocals and super light “cher effect” with variaudio.
Sweet limiter max -0,3 output (becasue of crap ADDA in average joe player. German mastering dude thought me that on a DVD). An API vintage mastering plug before limiter.
Reverb on piano and violin to create 3D, depth (german dude again).
Little fix here and there.
I Like it!. Easy on the ears now. Damn it is hard to mix!
What do you say?

New mix definitely sounds better. That drum beat still kind of puts me to sleep, though. I guess I should probably be tired at 3:00 a.m., so that might not be fair.


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