Llost Range Selection function

Not sure what I did, but when I try to select a range on any track, the left and right Locators converge together as soon as I click the mouse or hold down the mouse button. Another way to say it would be: wherever the Range Selection button is engaged and I click anywhere in the project track zone, both locators go to that point. I can drag the locators back to their original position, but at the first press on the mouse, both locators go to the bar (or time) where the pointer was. I cannot select a range on any track when in Range Selection as holding down the mouse button causes the locators to collapse. At that point, if continue to hold the mouse button down, one locator moves to define a play area for all the tracks. At the next click, the locators again move together to whatever time the pointer happened to be under. This is occurring on all of my projects. I just want to select an area within a track for editing instead of moving the Locators. The Object Selection function seems to work as it always has. Just the Range Selection seems affected. The Loop button is not engaged. Any suggestion is welcome! Thx, greg


Check Preferences > Editing > Cycle Follows Range Selection. By default, this is disabled.

Yes!!! That was it. Every year I use Cubase, there’s always more things to try and to learn. Many thanks!