LM Correct style tool in N7

in PT i almost always use LM Correct (Nugen) to check my TV mixes for loudness and truepeak values.
Since this tool isn’t for VST/VST3 (just RTAS/ AAX) i’m going with beDSP l-normalizer.

But, N7 has already alot of loudness features ready to use. But there is no real offline loudness normalizer for clips in the timeline/arrange window. I almost NEVER use the MIXDOWN TO FILE function. I want to PRINT TO TRACK to make shure i deliver a “dropfree, nice sounding and all the way thru heard/ checked” mix.
But, after that, i have to use a third party tool to make shure the file ist 100% R128. It would be cool to have a simple "Loduness Normalizer (with selectable specs of courese!) in the tool set of Nuendo.

For those who think of the loudness track:
The loudness track isn’t really nice to use, because if you hit (offline check - or what ever it was called), it actually does a fake mixdown to check the output of the master bus - that is really odd! Because, that isn’t what i want to check (remember the already printet file on a track) and it will take a lot of time if it is a big session with a lot of DSP and tracks used. So this feature is almot unuseble for quick daily work ;-(

Since you already have this feature in the MIXDOWN to disk/ Export section, why not have it as a tool like “find silence” or “insert silence”, or what ever else… this would be VERY VERY nice!!

Anybody else with me on that?