LM7 for 64-bit?

I’ve been using Cubase for about 10 years, and have always found the LM7 drum synth plugin useful (mostly for a quick and easy kick/snare metronome track).

I’ve just upgraded to Cubase 8.5, and have decided to try (AGAIN) to switch to 64-bit. The thing that’s been holding me back from using the 64-bit version is so many of my old favorite plugins are not compatible, but I didn’t realize until today that LM-7 was one of them.

Is there a 64-Bit version of LM-7 available?

Or will it work with Cubase’s internal VST bridge?

Well whatdya know…

I just copied the dll (and corresponding sample folders) to the 64-bit Vstplugins folder, and it works!

I wonder, is there a list somewhere of 32-bit plugins that work reliably this way?