Lo-Fi / Experimental / Folk - CLAY BABY - FIRST THINGS

Little experimental EP I did for a family a friend a while back. Made in Cubase, mostly used Sonnox plug-in set to mix. Some Nord Wave, Korg Poly-Ensemble P, Roland Alpha Juno used.

The idea was to have the record progress from the first track being her original Tascam cassette recording with as little of my involvement as possible (some subtle mixing, and PCM41 delay on one synth part) to the last 2 tracks being more of a studio production. Song 1 is original 4-track, Song 2 has elements from the 4-track that are chopped and heavily processed with some non-4track overdubs done in studio, Song 3 only the intro/first 1/4 has some 4-track elements, Song 5 and 6 there is no 4-track elements.

Hope you enjoy, it’s a weird one!

Well, I’m not sure what to say, except I really did enjoy it. It seems the tracks got more refined, more stereo, less distorted, as they went along. I was hooked by the third track. But the spark of the artist is there from track one.

Love the third track, which I’m listening to again.


The idea is yes the production would blossom from her original minimalist 4-track home recording, to more full studio production collaboration between the two of us. with a little more involvement from myself. She originally came in wanting to redo everything and disregard the 4-track demos, but I thought it would be cool to retain one track, and sample sounds from it for 2 and the intro of 3.